Restaurant La Chapelle d’Abondance

The traditional restaurant of Cornettes in La Chapelle d’Abondance has a history of quality, freshness and gourmet dishes.

Made in our kitchens, from only fresh ingredients, our dishes are authentic to the area and will take you on a journey through Haute-Savoie flavours.

The result of 5 generations’ work, the kitchens are the lungs of our hotel, breathing life into its team to the great pleasure of our guests who arrive each day to discover the flavours anchored in the valley’s history.

Restaurant Châtel Portes du Soleil

It’s a real coup, because each generation has brought its own touch without ever damaging the essence of mountain cuisine.

With each meal you’ll be biting into the family’s history, their respect for the generations that went before, and their love of fresh ingredients.

Intense, gourmet flavours that will anchor themselves in the memories of your holidays.

Taking a holiday at the 3-star Cornettes Hotel in Châtel Portes du Soleil is a chance to recharge your batteries and savour every moment of your time!


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The Brasserie at Cornettes, La Chapelle d'Abondance

Cornettes’ brasserie is a Savoy style setting for simple, quick meals – complete, generous, local style cuisine.

Carefully chosen seasonal products from our long-term local producers are lovingly cooked to provide authentic and flavourful meals.

Your stay at Cornettes will give you the chance to taste long-forgotten flavours in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

brasserie cornettes

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Papy Gaby's Farmhouse, La Chapelle d'Abondance

A magical and unique place for a celebration!

Papy GABY’s farmhouse is open once a week for a happy, relaxing time.

Our Savoyard evenings, complete with traditional costume, let you experience the big dinners and long winter evenings of the past.

Spending a traditional evening at Papy Gaby’s farmhouse is a bit like opening a door into history and stepping into something memorable.

la ferme

Every Sunday evening Papy Gaby’s farmhouse organises a typical Savoyard meal where you can sing and dance to the sound of a limonaire in authentic surroundings.

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Our Menu | Restaurant Chapelle d'Abondance

If you come to eat at Cornettes restaurant, this is what you could have:

Starters:carte menu ferme

  • Duck and goose foie gras prepared in-house, with a salad of green beans and artichokes, and spiced fig compote with dried fruit.
  • Home-made charcuterie: Papy Gaby’s juniper berry smoked ham (made in-house and dried for 15 months).
  • Loch Duart Salmon(Scotland), smoked in-house, with prawns, and fish and chive terrine.


  • Grandmother Pauline’s Savoyard hotpot.
  • Tournedos grilled, Rossini or with morel mushrooms.
  • Fried veal sweetbreads with morel mushrooms.
  • Calf’s head and tongue with ravigote sauce and English style vegetables.


  • Fillet of Lake Léman féra with ceps and risotto.
  • Trio of prawns, scallops and fillet of John Dory.


  • Prince de Savoie with raspberry coulis. Grand Marnier souffle with raspberry sorbet.
  • Fresh fruit salad.
  • Copeaux des Cornettes: chocolate and praline bavarois, orange cream, custard and mint chocolate ice cream.

Savoyard specialty:

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A selection from the wine list | Restaurant Chapelle d'Abondance

panneau route des vinsA selection from the Cornettes wine list

An exceptional cellar with both grands crus and wines made by local producers


  • Château la Tour de Marignan
  • Sancerre « Dom de la Mercy Dieu »
  • Riesling Réserve
  • Saint Aubin « La Pincée »


  • Grand Savoie 100%   Pinot
  • Château Sainte Roseline
  • Sancerre « Domaine de la Mercy Dieu »
  • Tavel « Domaine du Vieux Moulin »


  • La Chapelle (Gamay et Pinot noir)
  • Gigondas  «Château du Trignon  »
  • Saint Amour  « vers l’église  »
  • Sancerre
  • Bourgogne « Les Perrières »
  • Chorey les Beaune
  • Château Respide  Médeville Graves
  • Clos de la Cure  « Grand Cru  » St Emilion

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