Selecting our fresh ingredients to guarantee that everything is made in-house using our unique know-how

Jérémy and Bernard Trincaz chose their fresh ingredients from local producers in order to offer you the best of the Savoy in the Cornettes’ restaurants.

The hotel has its own smokehouse and drying house, and a cellar containing numerous grands cru wines. Our cheese is chosen from local master cheese makers.


Charcuterie from the land of Abondance

Dried and salted meats are emblematic products of Savoy and Haute-Savoie.
Each valley has its specialties, family recipes that are jealously guarded and which transmit those much-loved flavours of our childhood from generation to generation.

The Trincaz family is no different, and along with its love of good quality does everything possible to make its products perfect and unique.

Without giving away any secret recipes, patience is an indispensable ingredient!
No additives could ever replace the work of time, which dries and concentrates the aromas to awaken your taste buds and enliven all your senses!


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Cheeses from our Master Cheese Makers

Cheese…our other great love after the area’s charcuterie…
Traditionally an agricultural area, cheese making was a natural part of the country of Abondance.
Once again, it is expressing their love for the earth which motivates Cornettes Hotel’s master cheese makers.

Experienced at making cheese from raw milk, they have loaned their expertise to numerous other French cheese making areas which is why you will find cheese from all over the country on our plates.


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Seasonal Fruit and Vegetables

Chosen from local or national producers, all our fruit and vegetables are bought freshly picked.

Cornettes’ choice of quality products guarantees you fresh French fruit and vegetables all year long.

In Cornettes’ restaurants we celebrate “la semaine du gout” (a big French food festival) every day!

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