Wellness in Haute-Savoie

Laurence and Benoit, who are specialists in the Indian medicine of Ayurveda, welcome you to the Cornettes Hotel’s spa and wellness centre and offer a large choice of “Plaisirs” treatments to help you relax and unwind.

The Wellness Centre’s Facilities

We have designed this space to be relaxing and restful. Next to the 2 massage rooms there is a balneotherapy room, a mazot containing a hay bed and a large copper cauldron for milk or wine baths, a herbal tea room, Pure Altitude© products, and a range of semi-precious stones and crystals.

Experience unique sensations of calmness and voluptuousness.

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Laurence et Benoit

Laurence and Benoit can be found in the heart of the hotel in the swimming pool building.
The wellness space is a haven of peace and serenity.

They acquired their knowledge and training during numerous trips to India and the Himalayas.

Convinced of the benefits of traditional Tibetan and Ayurvedic medicine, they decided to use it help others.

Because they want to be able to meet the needs of everyone who comes, the treatment list is very long. If you don’t know which one to choose, talk to them about your needs and expectations, and they will be able to pinpoint the one that suits you best.

 spa chatel

The sauna, Turkish bath and Jacuzzi are free.

If you would like more privacy, you can choose the treatments that take place in the mazot:
milk baths, wine baths and the bed made of Alpine hay and plants.
A return to basics that will truly relax you and make your wellness treat deeply beneficial.

The centre is open by appointment only every day of the week from 9a.m. to 8p.m.
Contact +33 (0)6 98 92 11 09

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Relaxing Treatments

Classic Ayurvedic 30/60/90min …€40/70/85

A relaxing full-body massage with warm oil, adapted to suit you and your needs.

Abhyanga 60min…€70 (New for 2015)

A stimulating full body massage with natural oils. The gentle stretching and warming movements are designed to encourage free circulation of the body’s fluids and reawaken your body.

Shiro-Dhara 90min …€90

Relaxing full body wellness massage, adapted to suit you and your needs, followed by the application of warm oil on your forehead.
This step of the massage totally relaxes the body and the mind, bringing a deep and lasting relaxation.

Tibetan Hot Stones 45/90min…€70/90

Still used today in traditional Tibetan medicine, the hot stones deeply relax your muscles and warm your whole body.

Maternity Massage (for pregnant women or new mothers) 45min…€60

Relaxing wellness massage specially designed for new or soon-to-be mothers (from the 4th month of pregnancy until after the birth), who want toned bodies that are also calm and peaceful.

Child Massage (under 12 years) 30min…€30

Relaxing and peaceful wellness massage designed for young children. Will encourage a lasting feeling of calm and peace..

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Detox Treatments

Marma Therapy 90min …€90

By using acupressure and massage on 108 vital points on the body this treatment can eliminate physical and emotional blockages, whilst strengthening the organs.

Indian Reflexology 30/45min…€40/60

Stimulation of the reflex zones of the feet, hands and face (according to the length of treatment chosen) by pressure and massage, which has an effect on all the organs of the body.

Indian Reflexology 45min…€70 (New for 2015)

After a foot bath in Dead Sea Salt, stimulation of the reflex zones on the feet by pressure and massage will relax your muscles and calm your nerves.

Exfoliating and Slimming Massage 60min…€70

An energetic treatment with plant oils and powders which stimulates fat, and diminishes water retention and bloating, it will restore your skin’s natural softness and glow.

Kizhi Treatment (with Warm Cloth Bags) 60min…€70

A whole body massage with cloth bags filled with warm oil whose warmth will diffuse and penetrate deeply and with lasting effect. Its principal use is to reduce joint pains and soften muscles and the skin.

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Intuitive Treatments

The Messenger 90min…€90

An energetic and relaxing whole body massage, followed by the therapist’s report on where tensions need to be worked on. After the massage, select cards from the Osho Tarot which will indicate the day’s energy and the points you need to work on.

Lithotherapy 45min…€45

Feel the benefits of crystals as they rebalance your body’s energy flows. Using a pendulum, discover your defining crystal (according to your current needs).

Energy Rebalancing 60min…€70

A lavish massage helped by the vibrations produced by Tibetan singing bowls, by the voice and the placement of the hands, which cleanses, re-centres and recharges your auras.

Reiki 60min…€45 (New for 2015)

A Japanese method of energetic manual massage which liberates the body’s energy flows.

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Relaxing with Water

Aquatic Relaxation 45min…€40

In a warm, private pool, let yourself go, carried by the water. During aquatic relaxation you will discover feelings of weightlessness and freedom. Gentle muscle and joint stretching movements give you a feel of lightness and transform your sensation of space and time.

Adapted for Pregnancy  45min…€40 (New for 2015)

With simple gestures suitable for pregnant women, this calming and relaxing treatment in a heated pool relieves the chronic aches and pains of pregnancy: heavy legs, back strain…and brings you a moment of perfect complicity with the child to come, both immersed in the same element: water.

Balneotherapy, 30 min … €25

In a private space a bubbling jet bath will quickly remove the tensions from your body.

Precious Bath, 1 or 2 people 45 min … €40/70

Alone or together in this completely private space. You can awaken your senses and enjoy all the benefits of our mountain based products in the serene atmosphere and privacy of the mazot: a bed made from Alpine hay and plants & a bath of mountain milk or local wine.

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Yoga Session / Conscious Walking 60min… €50 (private)/ €10 (group, minimum of 4 people)

During a session adapted to your abilities, discover how to relax using your breathing and some Yoga postures, or by mindful conscious walking.

Ayurvedic Balance Sheet 2x60min…€80

At the end of 2 treatments you will be given the advice you need to balance your body and your mind using a personalised programme of nutritional advice and life style advice – how to adapt your working hours, suitable physical activities…

Jacuzzi, Turkish bath, Sauna

Available to all


Increase your relaxation pleasure by combining a massage and a water treatment.

  • Cocooning Package: €85/pers (Balneotherapy and Classic Massage 60 minutes)
  • Prestige Zen Attitude Package: €120/pers (Precious Bath and Classic Massage 90 minutes)

Wellness Stays

To enhance your stay at Cornettes Hotel, every day you will have a personalised individual treatment regime adapted to your current needs – massages, relaxation treatments, life-style advice…Details available in the wellness centre.

  • 3 day package … €290/person
  • Formule 5 Jours … 470€/personne

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Gift Vouchers

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Offering wellness to the people in your life (family, friends, colleagues) is also good for you.
Choose the treatment or the budget and we will do the rest…



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